Why Joshua Tree Acres Should Be On Your Bucket List – Hotel Review

I’ve been to Joshua Tree National Park many times and I was always amazed by the incredible landscape. One of the things that makes the experience even more special are definitely the original accommodation options in secluded locations around the park. Given plenty of choices it was hard to settle on one place but ultimately we made a great decision to stay in one of the coolest spots right next to the park – Joshua Tree Acres. Here is our experience. 

What is Joshua Tree Acres

Imagine that you are going to spend a night in 1964 vintage Airstream in the middle of the desert were you are just surrounded by many Joshua trees and a starry sky. This is what we experienced on multiple nights (we actually fell in love with the place so much that we stayed there twice and are thinking about booking another stay there soon). The entire property includes five different newly renovated Airstreams with a touch of vintage vibes. All of them can accommodate two people. What’s also great about these campers is that each has a patio with a different design including hammocks, tables, deckchairs and some trees. You really feel like on a totally other planet. 


The Joshua Tree Acres is located 45min away from Palm Springs and only a few minutes away from the official entrance and visitor center of the Joshua Tree National Park. I am not going to give you exact address since this is what you will get once you make a reservation. Just so you know there is no need to go there if you are not staying at the place. The entire property is gated for safety reasons. 

Also, keep in mind that it’s best to do some shopping in advance. There is only one little convenience store about 2min away but for most of your groceries or take-outs you will need to drive to the main road Twentynine Palms (15min). Along you will find cafes and restaurants. For a really good coffee I highly recommend Joshua Tree Coffee Company. Thank me later 🙂

Joshua Tree Acres Airstreams

The camper we stayed at is called the Sound of Silence 1964 Airstream. In my personal opinion this one is the most beautiful and photogenic. It’s also the biggest camper on the property with the biggest Joshua tree in front of the wooden patio. On the terrace you will find a table with chairs and a swinging hammock. The entire setup is perfect to enjoy either sunny days or relaxing evenings with a glass of wine while staring at the stars… soooo magical!

As much as we really wanted to try a different camper we stayed at this one on both of our trips. The first time (which was a few months after the pandemic started) we actually had this entire place to ourselves. I could not believe that! It was done as a safety precaution so people would not come in contact especially in the common areas. This was for sure my best camping experience ever! 

The second time we shared the place with two other couples. I was a bit concerned that it might be awkward because you have to share some common areas but honestly it did not make such a big difference. Most of the time people were just wandering in the park and in the evening it was really nice to have some company and share cool traveling experiences.

The other campers on the property are:

  • Kind of Blue 1959 – a minimal, modern space inspired by the surrounding desert
  • Merchant On The Road 1966 – mid century modern and Moroccan touches 
  • Piece Of The Sky 1975 – this one will transport you back to another era when computers were first coming to life and Bruce Springsteen was Born to Run
  • Let It Be 1970 Vintage Shasta – travel back to the era when VHS was the only way to watch movies

Interiors of the campers

Each Airstream has a different design but the common thing is that all of them have a little living area and a cozy bed. Ours had a very original interior with furniture from the 60’s, nice couch to the right of the entrance and to the left big bed with blankets and pillows. Also, there was a small kitchen and bathroom but these are not to be utilized. Instead you can use the Club House described below or a standalone bathroom. Both times we stayed there it was during summer days so the built-in AC helped a lot. In the winter there is a heater to help you stay warm during chilly desert nights. 

Next to our camper there was a cute small shiny Airstream – I must say it was very attractive one. It looks small from outside but if you take a look inside you will be surprised how much space there is. And I still think that the bed was bigger than ours… We had a chance to look inside thanks to incredibly nice property managers. Since no one stayed there we were able to check it out for future reference. 


In the middle of the property, surrounded by all the campers, there is very homey common area, called the Club House. It has everything you need to enhance your glamping experience. You can store your food there and cook a full meal in a fully functioning kitchen. There is also full bathroom with sink, toilet and shower (shampoo, gel shower and towels are also provided). The second full bathroom is located towards the back of the property marked with the beautiful Joshua Tree mural made out of glass bottles.

On the way you will pass an outdoor solar powered shower under a Joshua tree. Such an experience to feel so in tune with nature.

Outside the Club House there are a grill and pizza oven along with a nice long wooden table and benches. There is nothing better than peacefully eating a meal outdoors. In the Club House you will find audio player with really nice selection of old cassettes. Turn on the outdoor lights and play the music to make your dinner ambience special. Best feeling ever!

Next to the Club House you will find on one side a few swinging hammocks and on the other side hot tub that is perfect for cooler nights and romantic star gazing. 

The biggest highlight for sure is a plunge pool located a good distance from the campers. It gives you a moment of peace and privacy (if needed). This is such an extraordinary experience and such an awesome way to cool down during hot summer days. The wooden octagonal design of the pool is very special and makes this place one of the most photogenic. I highly recommend to wake up for the sunrise to experience this mesmerizing moment. Near the pool you can find two creosote bath tubs hidden in the bushes. Can you imagine taking a bath outdoors surrounded by Joshua trees? Such a serene and healing experience…

Another interesting object to photograph for sure is an old van located near the entrance. The car looks like it is not functioning at all but it is a really great addition to the rest of this unique property. 

Things you need to know

  • As mentioned before it is good to get some food and drinks before arrival. Everything can be stored in the fridge and meals can be cooked in the kitchen or prepared on a grill.
  • Once you decide to BBQ you will find all the necessary items in the Club House. 
  • Plunge pool and hot tub require scheduling but don’t worry. It won’t be difficult to find time to enjoy all the amenities. 
  • If you are an audiophile or just enjoy listening to good music, you will find a good selection of old cassettes including of course Joshua Tree by U2, my all time favorite.  
  • When not really in a mood to share space with others, don’t worry too much about the presence of other people. All Airstreams are located a good distance from each other giving each guest enough privacy. 

Milky Way in Joshua Tree

One of the coolest things you can do during your stay at this place is to admire Milky Way over the park (it is visible from April to October in this part of the world). There is a little light around the property so you will need to walk away from it, maybe somewhere behind the plunge pool. If you are seeking for a small adventure I highly recommend to just jump into your car and drive to the park. You won’t be alone so don’t worry if you will be surprised with total darkness (this is actually what you need to properly see or photograph the Milky Way). Find a parking lot where you can stop and just look up. It’s one of the most magical natural wonders.


Both our stays were incredibly magical experiences. The fact that we didn’t even leave the property for the entire first stay speaks for itself. I can assure you that this is such a great alternative to the regular hotels. You are so much closer to the nature and all of the amenities around make this place so relaxing and special (kind of like a spa effect). Let me know if you have ever stayed there or had a similar experience. Or maybe I just convinced you to book it? Enjoy it 🙂 

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