Instagram Limits Per Day and Hour For 2022

I must admit that I really miss the good old days when we all had at least a feeling that we were the owners of our Instagram accounts and only had to worry about best content creation. Everything seemed to be easier back then, especially gaining followers and maintaining engagement. Over the years Instagram has become a totally different platform with a variety of limitations making growth a lot more difficult. You can no longer manage your account as you wish. Moreover, you could be easily banned, temporarily blocked or even indefinitely deleted from Instagram without any notice if you don’t follow IG rules. Here are all the Instagram limits you should be aware of to stay out of trouble. 

Established Accounts – Instagram Limits

If you have your account for months or years you are still under some restrictions. Here are the limits you should follow.

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Instagram Likes

  • 120 per hour
  • 300 – 500 per day

Instagram Comments

  • 200 per day

Timing Limits

Whether you like or comment on other people posts you should do it in a natural way. Bots would automatically hop from one account to another without much pause. To avoid looking like a bot you should take short breaks.

  • You need to wait 20-30 seconds between each like and comment

Follow Limits

  • 10 follows per hour
  • 100 – 150 per day
  • You can follow maximum of 7500 accounts

Unfollowing Accounts

  • 60 unfollows per hour
  • 150 unfollows per day

Combined Actions Limits

  • 500 per day – total number of actions you can do in one day

Hashtag Limits 

  • 30 hashtags per post

Direct Message Limits

  • 50 – 70 per day (Tip: avoid sending the exact same messages to multiple people; if you need to reply to lots of DMs do it in batches over time)

Instagram Post Limits

There is no specific maximum number of photos or videos that you can post in a day since it has never been indicated by Instagram. So you can post as often as you wish although this could be annoying for your followers. I would suggest to keep it to 1 – 3 posts per day taking a break between each post (at least a few hours). If you post too many photos all at once there is a possibility you would be temporarily blocked.

Deleting Post Limits 

No limits on that yet.

Tagging Other Accounts Limits

  • 20 per single post
  • 15 per carousel post

Instagram Stories Limits

  • 100 per day 
  • 15sec Story length 

Instagram Highlights Limits

  • you can create as many Highlights as you wish
  • Highlights title can be max 12 characters long
  • 100 stories per one Highlight

New Accounts – Instagram Limits

If you have just started your new account, Instagram is trying figure out if you are not spam or bot. For that reason new accounts have some limits as well (or even more). I know it could be really annoying but this method keeps fake accounts away from Instagram. After 4 weeks you can go a bit faster.

  • 5 posts per day maximum
  • Wait around 1 minute between every action
  • 500 per day total combined actions
  • 20 – 50 DMs per day.

Other Instagram Limits

  • 5 logged in accounts
  • 2200 characters for captions
  • 1 minute for total Reel video length
  • 1 hour for total Feed Video length 
  • 30 characters for display name
  • 150 characters Instagram bio

The list is long and I am sure it made you feel a bit overwhelmed but believe me, this all for our own good. With growth, Instagram attracted users who started gaming the system with bots and fake accounts. Those accounts are completely useless – these are only numbers offering no value to the community. Fake accounts are not going to be your potential clients or true fans of your content. For that reason Instagram is doing everything possible to get rid of them or limit their activity to make IG ecosystem more authentic. 

To avoid being deleted on IG or banned you should always take it easy and behave like a human not like a bot. Use your account regularly but try to divide you activity during a day. This will help you keep up with all the IG limits easily. Let me know in the comments below if you found all this information useful. Also, I always look forward to connecting with new and exciting IG creators so reach out there when you have a chance.

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  1. Rose
    July 21, 2022 / 7:34 am

    Hey I think it should be 10 unfollow per hr not 60 unfollow per hr

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