Thank you for checking out Glam of NYC!

My name is Gosia, Polish native who moved to New York City about 10 years ago to pursue my passion for travel and American culture. 

I was always crazy about traveling so while in high school I explored Italy by bus for weeks, did Greek island hopping, and had the opportunity to admire Northern Lights near the Arctic circle. 

Also in college, I travelled alone in the US for a couple of months, not to mention many other trips I took with friends and family. 

When I decided to move to the United States I had an opportunity to travel around the country and beyond and take ton of photos to preserve my memories. Having lots of experience and visual content I decided to create a travel diary filled with tips and tricks about destinations I had visited. Originally I wanted to create it for my family and friends since it was a lot more efficient way of sharing my adventures and useful information with them. It definitely beats regular messaging.

Later, motivated by all the great feedback I received from my close circle, I decided to go ahead with a more professional blog where I create travel guides, share hidden and well known gems in the USA and nearby popular destinations like The Caribbean Islands. You will also find some articles from other parts of the world since I am always on the move. The main focus, however, is on my most favorite place of all, New York City. I would like to share with you facts, guides, travel itineraries and recommendations that are essential for the first timers but also for those who love to come back to this amazing city and find new and exciting experiences. 

What else can you find here? 

  • Hotel reviews that will expose you to places that create unforgettable memories. 
  • Variety of ready to buy prints from my favorite locations that lighten up your wall. 
  • Photography (my other passion) tips and tricks including Lightroom presets. 
  • Social media best practices.

This blog is quite new and I still have lots of content to post. If there is anything you would like to suggest, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always open to a constructive conversation and opinion. I look forward to seeing how this blog evolves with your insightful input. 

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Happy reading and please say “Hi” when you stop by.