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Positano is one of my favorite places in the world (probably entire Italy is). I visited Amalfi coast several times and will do it again as soon as possible. Everyone can find something exciting to do in Positano. You can relax in a hotel with breathtaking views, shop til you drop, party all night long, or just explore beautiful beaches and neighboring towns. Also, if you are foodie you will have a chance to try some of the best restaurants in Italy. 

Positano, a cliffside village located on southern Amalfi Coast, is one of the most popular places and holiday destination in Italy. It is well known for a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets filled with restaurants, bars, high-end boutiques and luxury hotels. When you go there for the very first time it can be a bit overwhelming experience to find a perfect itinerary. I would love to help you with the guide below.

Paying in Positano/ Currency

Most places accept credit cards but I highly recommend to carry some Euros.

How much time do I need to stay in Positano

This absolutely depends on what activities you are planning. I recommend a minimum of 4-5 nights if you want to see Positano and some gorgeous places around the town. 

When to travel

Summer is the best time to travel to Positano, although it can be also the busiest and most expensive time. Plan your trip in May or September – a little bit off the season so you can get some bargain on hotel prices. The weather will still be nice with occasional showers. 

How to get to Positano

I have been to Positano several times and I found two very good ways to get there. You can either fly to Naples or Rome. Naples is closer than Rome so it will take only around 90 minutes to drive to Positano. We always rent a car from one of the companies around Napoli Centrale (Naples Central train station). From Rome you will need to drive for more than 3 hrs via E45 so not a deal breaker especially if you have never been to Rome and decide to explore it as well.

Rent a car:  If you feel comfortable driving abroad and especially in Italy I recommend to simply rent a car. This is also the best way to explore the Amalfi Coast and there is a lot to see besides Positano. The challenge could be narrow roads and lots of curves. It can be scary for first timers to encounter buses coming from the opposite direction on seemingly impassable turns. Finding a parking spot is also a headache but we found it worthwhile and managed to navigate the area without any issues.

Private car: If you are planning to stick around your hotel and the surrounding area then getting a private car can be your option. It will cost around 100+ euros and can be arranged by your hotel as a transfer from the Naples airport. 

Bus: You can take a bus from Naples (around 90 min) to Positano. Plan it ahead of time. Check the schedule and purchase tickets here.

Train: There is no direct train to Positano so you would need to take one to Sorrento and then a taxi to Positano. 

Ferry: It is an indirect way to get to Positano. You can either take a ferry to Sorrento and then a taxi or a ferry to Capri and then another ferry to Positano. Bear in mind that there will be additional cost for your luggage. 

Where to stay in Positano

Le Sirenuse – Luxury – This is our top choice. It is probably the most instagrammable hotel in Positano and it’s truly elegant and charming place. The rooms are so chic, with private balconies and incredible sea views. I would recommend this place to celebrate a special occasion. It’s going to be an expensive option but you know what you are paying for. You will have an easy walk to town, breathtaking views of Positano beaches and absolutely stunning pool area. You can also enjoy delicious and beautifully served food. If you can’t stay there go at least for lunch or dinner – this is going to be a very memorable experience.

Hotel Ancora – Moderate – It is a gorgeous boutique hotel located steps from restaurants, bars and shopping. Every room has a balcony, minibar and sea view. Additional benefit would be on-site restaurant and the option to use the facilities at the beachfront sister property of Hotel Cove Dei Saraceni. 

Hotel Bougainville – Budget – Cute colorful hotel in the center of Positano. The hotel is located a short walk from many restaurants, bars, boutiques, beach and ferry terminal. The rooms has balconies and of course stunning view of the beach. There is also complimentary breakfast.

Casa Stella Marina – Praiano – The hotel is located only 6km from Positano and 9km from Amalfi. It offers stunning sea views, a shared terrace and garden. The property is surrounded by local restaurants and it’s well connected with public transportation making it easy to explore Amalfi Coast. This is a perfect option if you want to stay in a less crowded place and explore the coast.

Casa Angelina – Nightlife – This hotel is also located outside Positano in the next town Praiano. The hotel is situated on the beach and it’s home to the best beach club in Positano, One Fire.

Where to eat

Ristorante La Sponda (Positano) – it is a Michelin-starred restaurant at the recommended Le Sirenuse Hotel. One the most romantic and tasty places to visit especially if you are celebrating something special. They serve Mediterranean cuisine using fresh local ingredients. We were there for lunch and dinner and everything tasted and looked incredible – no exception. Ask for a table on the terrace overlooking the entire Positano for the best possible experience. Don’t forget to finish your meal with famous limoncello. This place is super popular so make a reservation in advance.

Chez Black (Positano) – This iconic restaurant is located on the Marina Grane right on the most popular beach in Positano. It is well known for heart-shaped pizza (photos are all over Instagram) but you should also try other local specialties such as spaghetti with sea urchin, Cod Fish or Paccheri pasta. 

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Il Pirata Restaurant, Lounge Bar and Beach Club (Praiano) – This place will stun you. It is a romantic terrace next to the sea located between an old Saracen tower and charming beach. The restaurant offers seasonal and exclusive local products. For even better experience visit the place over the weekend when they have live music. It’s going to be unforgettable and precious time spent in the nature while eating a delicious meal. You might want to plan lunch or dinner in this place combined with some beach time at Fiordo di Furore ( 5 min distance).

La Strada (Praiano) – this is great place while exploring nearby town of Praiano. The restaurant has fantastic views from the balcony, friendly service and great cuisine. The place specializes in seafood and Neapolitan pizza. We tried lemon raviolis and these were the best raviolis we’ve ever had- I can still remember their taste.

Things to do in Positano

Shop and explore the town

Positano has plenty of beautiful narrow streets filled with boutiques that offer variety of things made locally and from around the world. You will find stylish clothes, jewelry, crafts, artwork, ceramics, food items and more. Just make sure you have some space in your luggage because it is easy to go crazy and buy more than you actually can take with you. I remember that besides some aromatic herbs I also bought a mozzarella platter that barely fit into my luggage (luckily, it made it home in one piece).

Rest on the beach

There are plenty of beaches in and around Positano to choose from. They are known for crystal clear and warm waters although they are not typical sandy ones. Since they are located beneath the cliffs most of the beaches are made of rocky platforms of pebbles The main one and the most popular is Spiagga Grande. It is beautiful and lively sand beach that you might know from photos on Instagram. On the west side of Positano you will find cozy and rocky beach with scenic views called Fornillo Spiaggia. If you travel to the east you can find Arienzo Beach with a popular beach club.

Visit Fiordo di Furore

This is absolutely must see place while visiting Positano. It is located 4 miles southwest of Amalfi. The place is a narrow opening between the mountains that creates a scenic hidden beach. Above the beach there is the Amalfi Highway that connects two sides of the fjord via bridge and gives the best views of the beach. You can relax, swim, or jump from the cliffs. Tip: The place is super popular and gets overcrowded. Make sure to be there early in the morning if you want to enjoy the place in a calm environment. 

Take a boat tour

You can do a sunset cruise, a trip to located nearby Capri island, or just simply swim around the town. This great option allows you to enjoy your day while swimming, sipping limoncello and admiring extraordinary views from the water. I highly recommend to add it to your list!

Day trip to Capri

Capri is one of the most popular islands in Italy and very attractive boat tour destination among tourists visiting Positano. It takes about 20-50min to get there depending on your arrangement. You can either take a ferry and explore the island independently, join an organized group tour or book a private boat tour. The island is known for upscale hotels, restaurants with delicious food, fancy bars, and luxury shopping from fashion to limoncello. Enjoy your time at La Fontelina beach club, eat in the popular da Polina restaurant, hike the Pizzolungo or hop on a boat and explore Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue. These are only a few things to do on Capri but expect many more. 


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