Playa Mar Chiquita: Hidden Gem And One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s north shore is known for its unique natural pools and wide beautiful beaches. One of the most popular spots among locals is Mar Chiquita with its shallow water and perfectly rounded shape. It is called one of the top beaches in Puerto Rico and it is just 45 minutes west from the capital city of San Juan. 

What to bring

The half-moon opening is created by two sided rock formations that allow the intense turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean to rush in. This place is perfect for swimming and soaking in the sun although it is a wild environment so there are no umbrellas and chair rentals available. Don’t forget to bring a lounge chair and towel. 


You can find plenty of parking nearby so if you arrive early in the morning you shouldn’t have any problem to find a spot. Later in the day it might get super crowded especially during weekends when locals visit. 

Food and drinks

Alongside parking area there are a few food trucks serving snacks and drinks throughout the week and even more during the weekend along with arts and crafts vendors. You can expect to find authentic local food. 

Seasonal Conditions

Summer months are especially popular among locals when kids are out of school. The water is so calm and clear that you will be able to spot brightly colored fish swimming around your legs.

During winter months the pool becomes much more active and the water is rougher and less clear depending on conditions. There are huge waves crashing against the rocks so swimming isn’t recommended during that time. Although it is a perfect photo opportunity moment. In that season you will be sharing the beach with much less crowds. 


There is a legend that explains how this beach was formed. It is said that a beautiful Puerto Rican woman used to walk along the edge of the cliff and one day an earthquake caused her to slip and fall into the ocean. Surprisingly part of the cliff broke at the same time and the current that began to flow through the rocks pulled her back to the shore saving her life and creating one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico – Mar Chiquita.

I found this place to be one of the most interesting and charming while visiting Puerto Rico.  My husband and I even visited it twice during our 5 days stay on the island. It was September so we were able to observe high currents. The water was dancing like crazy and the waves were hitting above the rocks, truly unforgettable views. If you have good shoes I recommend climbing the cliff and carefully walking towards the ocean (the west side of the rocks). There are plenty little pools formed in the rocks filled up with water from every wave. The rocks are super harsh and might be slippery in some places so be extra careful. Also, the views from above onto Mar Chiquita will create lasting and incredible memories. 

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