The Top 20 Attractions / Instagram Spots In Las Vegas That You Won’t Want To Miss On Your Trip

Are you going to Las Vegas and looking for the best spots to explore? Here is the ultimate guide to the one of the most photogenic cities in the U.S. There are plenty of great places to see while in Las Vegas. I visited the city many times and finally was able to collect most of the fun attractions and photo worthy places (I bet there are still a few spots left but 20 should be more than enough for your first time). Below the post your will find the map showing all the locations. The spots are organized geographically starting from the South of Las Vegas. Let’s begin!

Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas

Seven Magic Mountains is a public art installation by International’s renowned Swiss artist, Ugh Rondinone. It is located near Jean Dry Lake and Interstate 15, approximately 10 miles south of Las Vegas. It was produced by the Art production Fund, New York, and Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. There are seven stacks of 33 boulders, standing between 30 to 35 feet and painted with eye-popping colors. Originally the art was scheduled to remain for two years but due to its incredible success the permit has been extended until the end of the 2021. You still have some time to visit this place. Just be aware that every time you go, there will be huge crowd of people. 

Las Vegas Sign

Located on the Las Vegas Blvd S, it is one of the most popular spots visited by tourists. Las Vegas Sign has featured in many movies and TV Shows and it gathers crowds that want a photo in front of this iconic landmark. Honestly I have never seen this place without people so be prepared for the line if you want a photo without anyone in your backdrop. You can also try to visit it early morning to avoid crowds or simply try to take a shot from a different angle. This will allow you to skip the line but you need to catch the perfect moment when no one is in the background. 

Luxor Hotel

Americans really know how to bring over a taste of the foreign culture. The Luxor is an Egyptian themed hotel that will catch your attention immediately while driving along Las Vegas Strip thanks to its unique pyramid shape. Right at the entrance the large Sphinx facing Las Vegas Blvd will welcome you. You need a wide lens to capture the entire statue. Also, the best time to take photos is early morning when the sun is lighting up the Sphinx. Don’t forget to explore the inside of the pyramid. You will find some more original Egyptian accents and enjoy the interesting Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

Excalibur Hotel

Located between Luxor and New York New York hotels, this place will easily catch your attention. It looks like a fairy tale castle with its many colorful towers. We walked by early morning and there were no crowds at all so you can take nice quick shots on the go. Excalibur Hotel with its original scenery will make you feel like a child again.

New York New York

One of my favorite spots in Las Vegas because it truly resembles the New York panorama skyline and the city vibe (weird but I always miss NYC while traveling). The replicas of the buildings, although much smaller, give you a real feeling of what you can expect in New York. The best place to take shots, in my opinion, is across the street by the Tropicana Hotel. You will find there a fake green lawn in front of the hotel overlooking the magical New York New York Hotel.

New York New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Pool

I love Cosmopolitan Hotel for its modern look, great restaurant selection and nice swimming pools overlooking the Las Vegas Blvd. The pool on the 4th floor is facing the Paris Hotel and will give you magical feeling like you have been teleported to Europe. You can eat, drink, mix and mingle and enjoy upbeat music on a lounge chair or daybed. During summer they also play movies on the marquee. It’s a real ultimate Las Vegas lounging venue that you can’t miss.

The Cosmpolitan Hotel Swimming Pool, Las Vegas

Bellagio Fountain Show

Bellagio Hotel is mainly known for its Fountain Shows or in other words Dancing Fountains. It is the most famous feature of the resort that is displayed at the entrance. Visitors can enjoy amazing view from the sidewalk with water shooting up to the rhythm of music. Obviously it gathers huge crowds so it is really difficult to find a perfect spot for the shot (unless you just want to catch the fountain itself). I highly suggest to see it in day light and at night time since the water is lighted up and creates even more magical scenery. 

The Pool at the Bellagio

Bellagio Hotel is one of the most picturesque hotels in Las Vegas. Starting from the famous Fountain Show in front of the entrance through inside the hotel’s decorative lobby and exhibitions and ending at the outdoor pool. The swimming pool is divided into a couple of smaller pools and there is a lot of greenery around making the entire spot super relaxing. One of my favorite places to rest after long trips and to get energized.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden

Once you pass the main lobby at the Bellagio you will notice incredibly beautiful 14,000 square foot Botanical Garden. Each season the talented Conservatory team changes the design, replants and repurposes the living plant material. You can expect inspiring sights, sounds, scents and colors celebrating Mother Nature. Every time the view on the display is breathtaking and you can take the most impressive shots.

Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower

A bit of French accent in Las Vegas created by a smaller replica (originally planned 1:1 size) of Eiffel Tower and Arch of Triumph. The best spot to capture the entire Paris Hotel is at the Bellagio across the street. Find a convenient place even behind the Bellagio fountain close to the hotel entrance. Also, you can capture amazing shots from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. Good capture can really trick your followers and make them think you are actually in Paris. This place is great for sunrise (behind the hotel) and soft sky made by sunset.

Caesar’s Palace and The Colosseum

Featured in a number of movies and TV series the Caesar’s Palace is for sure one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas. There is also a massive concert venue and the Colosseum where shows that are usually sold out months in advanced are hosted. Famous stars that have performed at the hotel are Celine Dion and Elton John among others. 

Flamingo Swimming Pool

It is one of the cutest swimming pools adorned with light blue and pink colors and having the famous High Roller as a backdrop. I have found this place to be super picturesque. It is located on the eastern side of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino property (outside of the hotel).

Flamingos at the Flamingo Hotel

Completely free of charge and open to the public daily (7am – 8pm) The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is nestled on the Flamingo Hotel’s lush 15 acre grounds just on the way to the hotel’s popular pool. The habitat is filled with exotic birds like Teal ducks, Sacred Ibis brown pelicans, swans, fish, turtles and, of course, the pink Chilean flamingos. 

Linq Promenade

The Linq Promenade is located between Linq and Flamingo hotels. You can easily locate it from any place navigating by the huge ferris wheel. It is an adorable area full of colorful storefront shops, restaurants and bars with the high roller in the backdrop. On the way you will also notice a miniature of the Las Vegas sign (a lot less crowded than the original one).

Linq Promenade, Las Vegas, Nevada

Venetian Hotel and the Gondola Ride

From the very first step on the resort’s property the Venetian Hotel will give you a wow moment. The grandest resort in Las Vegas is probably the most beautiful and the most popular spot for the couples on their honeymoon or romantic getaways. The interior resembles the streets of Venice with its top attractions such as Rialto Bridge and Bridge of Sighs. The most famous feature is for sure the Gondola Ride along the canals (still on my to do list). Just enjoy your walk inside and outside of the hotel and get the feeling of almost being in famous and romantic Venice.

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Nevada

Palazzo Tower Floral Display

Right at the main entrance of the hotel you will notice amazing flower arrangement that truly makes an impression. I am a big flower fanatic so I could not hesitate to take a photo of the display. If this is also your thing you should absolutely plan at least a short walk through the Palazzo at the Venetian Resort.

Treasure Island Ship Wreck

Walking through the Las Vegas strip you will find yourself in front of impressive two ship wrecks linked by the bridge in front of the extremely underrated Treasure Island Hotel. You will absolutely need the wide lens to capture the entire picture but believe me it’s so worth it. The view is stunning and reminds me of the real pirates vibe. Also, nearby you will find the famous Senior Frog restaurant. 

Fremont Street Experience

If you thought that Las Vegas Blvd has everything that the city can offer you have never been to Fremont Street. Located in Las Vegas Downtown, it is filled with the most fun activities. Besides checking out the hotels, casinos, and plenty of restaurants and bars you can also take a flight on the SlotZilla Zipline, see the Viva Vision light shows, enjoy life music, take a Million Dollar Photo at the Binion’s, experience Largest Sportsbook Screen in History, visit Mob and Neon Museums and more. This is absolutely a part of Las Vegas you don’t want to miss.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is located 30 minutes drive to the West of Las Vegas. It features a one-way 13 mile scenic drive with plenty of hiking and trails on the way, plants and wildlife, interesting geology, camping, cultural resources and much more. It is perfect gateway from the city crowds if you need to indulge yourself in nature. 

Valley of Fire

This is absolutely one of my favorite parks that I visit almost every time while I am in Las Vegas and will continue to do so. Located outside of the city (about an hour drive North) Valley of Fire is by far the most popular and liked Instagram spot. From the entrance the place will greet you with vibrant red rock formations making you feel like you are actually on a different planet. There are so many different viewpoints along the main drive like the Beehives, Mouse Tank, Pink Canyon, Rainbow Vista, The Fire Wave, Elephant Rock and more. The landscape is so scenic and beautiful that you just want to keep coming back and explore more and more. 

Read about the best things to see in Valley of Fire State Park here.

Valley of Fire State Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

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