Central Park New York, Four Seasons Guide – What To Expect

Gapstow Bridge, Central Park New York
Gapstow Bridge

For those who live in New York City, Central Park is like an oasis where we can hide from the noisy concrete jungle. Although it’s hard to completely forget where we are because the park, located in the heart of Manhattan, is surrounded by skyscrapers from all sides. Once inside it is like a magical garden resembling Alice’s in Wonderland life. You are somehow transferred into a different world full of trees, flowers, birds and some animals (most of them placed in the park’s zoo). The experience changes with every season so you can expect to have different memories of you visits depending on time of the year.  Let me show you what the park has to offer in different four seasons. 


It is the most picturesque and romantic season of all. The weather is just perfect: less humidity and temperatures between 50-80 degrees, occasionally 90 degree days. This is the best time to be in the Central Park in New York to take a long walk or simply just sit at one of the boulders and relax. Blooms are pretty much in every part of the park. Take a look at the Central Park Conservatory Spring Guide to learn more about where and what exactly is happening during that season in the park. For sure Spring is the most loved time by all photographers and flower lovers to capture beautiful and memorable photos.

View on Plaza Hotel from Central Park
View on Plaza Hotel


Summer brings hot and high in humidity days, especially in July and August. Central Park in New York is going to be full of people who are picnicking, suntanning, playing some sports, relaxing and trying to survive the heat. Weekends are usually more crowded in the park than weekdays but you can still find some secluded spots. You can walk further into the park, rent a paddle boat near the Boathouse to go around the Central Park lake, or try to score tickets to Shakespeare in the Park.  


Fall is the second most favorite season after Spring. The park magically changes colors in every shade of red, yellow and brown. Again, lots of photographers are going to show up to capture the beauty of foliage. The temperatures are mild so walking around the park will be a pleasure. 60 to 75 degrees are such a welcome relief after the hot and humid months. This season can be also the best time to go on a horse carriage ride. Make sure to always negotiate the price. 


Central Park in Winter time is usually a lot emptier. Trees loose their leaves, the ambience becomes a bit gloomy unless there is snow which doesn’t happen too often (usually in January). The biggest attraction is the Wollman skating rink which is a magical experience given its location and surrounding views. It opens in late October and usually close in early April. You can expect average daily high temperature below 49 degrees in Winter months so make sure to dress warm.

Gapstow Bridge
Gapstow Bridge

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